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Purchasing a residential home or condominium is one of the biggest investments you can make in your lifetime. Together we will sit down to focus on your personal goals such as budget, required amenities, schools, community life. Reach out to begin your home search today!
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Preparing your home to be listed for sale is the first and most important step. My local market knowledge, strong sales history, and negotiation skills will get you top dollar for your home. For your home's free market analysis, click below!


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Explore the housing market with me and feel the power of knowledge, vision of creativity and extraordinary customer service. Passion, market knowledge and master negotiation skills, in the Real Estate industry, combined with a superb client experience, is the major focus of my role as your Realtor. If you’re considering buying, selling, or investing in real estate, I am here to educate you and get you to the finish line seamlessly.

Stephanie Sacco Sells

Your Greater Metro Detroit Realtor

I offer a vast knowledge of the Greater Detroit Area, local communities, school systems, worship needs, lifestyle goals and various housing options. I dedicate my time to each client and their personal real estate needs. Most importantly, I take pride in working with a team of amazing industry professionals. Stephanie Sacco sells!

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Trevor Currier
Trevor Currier
November 10, 2023
Stephanie was great to work with on our Auburn Drive deal. Knowledgeable and experienced that led to a smooth transaction for both of our clients.
Matthew Thibeault
Matthew Thibeault
November 9, 2023
Stephanie was a great agent to work with and was very prompt with all communications. I could always count on her to get back with me in a timely manner and she was able to handle a variety of situations that came up throughout the process. Everyone ended up with a successful outcome!
Douglas Platonas
Douglas Platonas
November 9, 2023
Smooth transaction with Stephanie all the way. She is very professional and easy to work with.
sana brikho
sana brikho
November 9, 2023
Stephanie is one of the best agents I had the pleasure of working with on selling one of my listing. She answered all her calls, gave update on the file every week. I would love to do another deal with Stephanie.
Alan Oatley
Alan Oatley
November 9, 2023
Recently worked with Stephanie to rent a house in Royal Oak. I was on a time crunch and she worked very hard and quickly to finalize the lease agreement with the landlords that were out of town. I plan to use Stephanie again next spring when I try to buy a house again. I highly recommend working with Stephanie!
Stacy Hunter
Stacy Hunter
November 9, 2023
Stephanie was great to work with. She helped us find the perfect condo to buy for my mom. During our search she was incredibly responsive and provided honest assessments of the condos we were looking at. All the challenges in helping my mom downsize and changes in direction were handled seamlessly. She made the home buying process easy and efficient.
World Premiere Entertainment
World Premiere Entertainment
November 7, 2023
Stephanie was amazing before, during, and even after my lease was signed. She has still been helpful assisting me with making sure everything with my move was up to par. Agents I’ve worked with in the past has never been as helpful and as caring as she has. She is even helping me out a plan together that will help me be in position to purchase a home next year after my lease is up. Highly recommend!
Utica Parent
Utica Parent
October 26, 2023
We had a great experience working with Stephanie! She kept us informed and in the loop throughout the entire process. I highly recommend working with her.
Justin V
Justin V
October 22, 2023
Stephanie was and Is first of all a great person. She is very personable with her dealings with her clients, and she wants everything that you want where your selling or trying to buy. We sold a home with her and we were very pleased by her work. The thing that was most impressive to me was how she works under pressure. Our first offer plummeted he backed out the deal. For some odd weird petty reasons. Stephanie was on the phone with them for 4hrs trying to presuade them to get back on board. But to no avail. She was calm, wasn't overly stressed. But her confidence in her process made me feel comfortable and not to worry. After that her and I were confident that the right deal would come around. And boy it sure did. (If that guy is reading this thank you! We were able to get more money for the home thanks to you.) Stephanie will be helping us with the purchase of our home in the near future. Thank you Ma'am you did it!
Madeline Wideman
Madeline Wideman
October 15, 2023
Choosing Stephanie and Michigan Power Brokers was the best decision I made when buying a new house. Stephanie listened to all of my needs and everytime I sent her a new house to look at - we would have an appointment to view it immediately. She is hardworking, attentive, intelligent and extremely knowledgeable and amazing at getting you your dream house !!! I give Stephanie and Michigan Power Brokers infinite stars if I could ⭐️✨💫
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Without a doubt, one of the most popular questions to ask a realtor among consumers is how is the real estate market doing.

Even someone who will not be selling a house anytime soon will ask a real estate agent this question.

It’s the kind of thing most homeowners are curious about. After all, for most people, their home is their most tremendous asset.

There are simply too many factors to be aware of and too many shifting variables to keep track of. Market knowledge is one of the biggest reasons to hire a reputable realtor.

An excellent real estate agent can give you lots of valuable information about the local market. Not only that, he or she can help you understand what all that information means to you and your sale.

Your agent should be able to tell you about the current days on the market of homes for sale, market absorption rates, average sale price, and more. In real estate, market knowledge is essential, so be sure to do your homework.

Exceptional Realtors will be able to snap off the answers to these real estate questions very easily.

From start (searching online) to finish (closing escrow), buying a home takes about 10 to 12 weeks. Once a home is selected an the offer is accepted, the average time to complete the escrow period on a home is 30 to 45 days (under normal market conditions). Though, well-prepared home buyers who pay cash have been known to purchase properties faster than that.

Market conditions are a major factor in how fast homes are sold. In hot markets with a lot of sales activity, buying a home may take a little longer than normal. That’s because several parties involved in the transaction get behind when business suddenly picks up. For example, a spike in home sales increases the demand for property appraisals and home inspections, yet there will be no increase in the number of appraisers and inspectors available to do the work. Lender turn-around times for loan underwriting can also slow down. If each party involved in a deal takes a day or two longer to get their work done, the entire process gets extended.

The selling price of a house fluctuates depending on multiple factors. The most common ones are the neighborhood and what similar-sized houses are currently selling for. Also, look at the age and condition. Do major repairs need to be done? If so, that might lower the property. And again, the market matters. Like everything else, home prices vary depending on supply and demand. Your job as a realtor is to best inform your clients about these different factors and accurately list their house.


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