For First Time Homebuyers

First Time Home Buyer

First-time homebuyers in Michigan have a new tool to help realize the dream of homeownership! Michiganders can now save for the first purchase of a home through a new dedicated savings vehicle! The Michigan First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account (“FHSA”) Program allows account holders to deduct most, if not all, of their contributions to a FHSA […]

Expanding Homeownership

Expanding Homeownership June is Homeownership Month, and NAR is sharing how REALTORS® help the millions of Americans who aspire to join the nation’s 83 million property owners. Homeownership builds financial security. The net worth of a typical homeowner is nearly 40 times the net worth of a non-owner. The total value of owner-occupied housing rose by […]

You’ve Got a Buyer! What Next?

You’ve Got a Buyer! What Next? Hooray! You’ve found a buyer for your home. You’re done, right? Not quite. All you have to do now is get yourself—and your house—ready to close, and we’re here to help. Let’s dive in! EARNEST MONEY When the buyer makes an offer on your house and you accept, the buyer […]

Home Showing And Open House Advice

Home Showing and Open House Advice Having an open house is the exciting part of selling a home, but let’s face it: It takes a lot of work to get there. Once you’ve made repairs, picked a real estate agent, and decided on an asking price, your home is almost ready for market—but first, how about a little […]